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Into the Red: How the Globe will cover climate change

To report on the most pressing issue of our time, the Globe’s climate team is expanding and rethinking its coverage.

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‘Terrorising us’: bluebottles wash up on Australian beaches in ‘gobsmacking numbers’

There’s still much to learn about these ‘strange alien creatures’, but climate change likely to create ideal breeding conditions, expert says

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2021 joins top 7 warmest years on record: WMO

Last year joined the list of the seven warmest years on record, the UN weather agency said on Wednesday, and was also the seventh consecutive year when the global temperature has been more than 1°C above pre-industrial levels; edging closer to the limit laid out under the 2015 Paris Agreement on Climate Change.

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Rare, pristine coral reef found off Tahiti coast

Hdouin hopes the research can help experts understand how the reef has been resilient to climate change and human pressures, and what role these deeper corals might play in the ocean ecosystem.

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This must be the year of climate action - we've wasted so many

This month, 41 years ago, those of us serving in the Carter administration were heading out the door, our work to address climate change begun but unfinished.

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Build Back Better plan could pass in chunks, Biden says

Paring down the bill might get Manchin's support, but it will likely anger the progressive wing of the party that is needed for passage. Biden said it was clear that there was support for climate change provisions, such as production tax credits for a range of industries, and Manchin supported early childhood education.

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Governor McKee lays out climate change plan for Rhode Island

Rhode Island Gov. Dan McKee spending $150 million initiatives intended to cut greenhouse gas emissions. Read more on

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Why the Netflix hit isn’t the climate change movie we need.

It’s time to stop getting metaphorical and start getting real.

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Biden administration announces plan to confront worsening wildfires

The plan quadruples the government's fuels and forest health treatments as wildfires grow more frequent and intense with climate change.