Global Deforestation

This section is intended to collect data on the current status of global deforestation. This is accomplished through the utilization of APIs, databases, news sources, MapBuilders, and academic journals.

Global forest loss map

Credits: University of Maryland, department of geographical sciences.

Results from time-series analysis of Landsat images characterizing forest extent and change.

Trees are defined as vegetation taller than 5m in height and are expressed as a percentage per output grid cell as ‘2000 Percent Tree Cover’. ‘Forest Cover Loss’ is defined as a stand-replacement disturbance, or a change from a forest to non-forest state, during the period 2000–2019. ‘Forest Cover Gain’ is defined as the inverse of loss, or a non-forest to forest change entirely within the period 2000–2012. ‘Forest Loss Year’ is a disaggregation of total ‘Forest Loss’ to annual time scales.

Reference 2000 and 2019 imagery are median observations from a set of quality assessment-passed growing season observations.

News List

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Network of ‘ghost roads’ paves the way for levelling Asia-Pacific rainforests

A vast network of undocumented “ghost roads” is pushing into the world’s untouched rainforests and driving their destruction in the Asia-Pacific region, a new study has found. By using Google Earth to map tropical forests on Borneo, Sumatra and New G... [2828 chars]

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‘Coffee caused deforestation and habitat loss - it now faces climate challenges and needs sustainability’

Congratulations! You have successfully cast your vote Login to view result is professor of modern history at the University of Hertfordshire, UK. Conversing with, he outlines the past — and future — of coffee Jonathan Morris, author of ‘Coffee: A Glo... [6966 chars]

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EXPANDING TROPICAL FOREST CONSERVATION PROGRAM 250KM AWAY Sigma Lithium today announced an expansion in the Tropical Forest Conservation program, aimed to create a “Conservation Belt Against Deforestation” around the Medio Vale do Jequitinhonha by ac... [10287 chars]

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Colombian Amazon deforestation surges as armed groups tighten grip

Deforestation in the Colombian Amazon is surging and could be at a historic peak as armed groups use the rainforest as a bargaining chip in peace negotiations with the government. Preliminary data shows that deforestation in the region was 40% higher... [3995 chars]

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Zara and H&M linked to deforestation, land grabbing and violence in 'fashion crimes' investigation

Top fashion brands Zara and H&M have been linked to illegal deforestation, land grabbing and violence in an area of Brazil 'plundered' to grow cotton. It follows a year-long investigation by the NGO, Earthsight, in which they tracked 816,000 tonnes o... [3758 chars]

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Environmental group 'to not point fingers' on pollution, deforestation

Local naturalist David Hawke, whose column also appears regularly on BarrieToday, received SSEA's Environmental Legacy Award at recent open house When it comes to making a detrimental impact on planet Earth, there’s more than enough blame to go aroun... [6794 chars]

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Deforestation in Brazil's Amazon down 40% in Q1, minister says

Deforestation in Brazil's Amazon has decreased 40% in the first three months of 2024 from a year earlier, Environment Minister Marina Silva said on Tuesday, citing data from space research agency INPE. Silva told reporters at an event in Brasilia tha... [1635 chars]

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Why are forests so important?

More than half the habitable land on earth was once covered in lush forest. Humans have been chopping away at it for 10,000 years, but deforestation has accelerated dramatically in the past century. Since 1900, an area the size of the United States h... [6836 chars]

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Brazil and Colombia see "remarkable" decrease in forest destruction after leadership changes, data show

Forest destruction in Brazil and Colombia fell "steeply" between 2022 and 2023, according to data from the University of Maryland's GLAD Lab that has been shared on the World Resources Institute's Global Forest Watch. In Brazil, primary forest loss d... [2173 chars]